Artificial Intelligence And Robotics Will Lead To More Jobs, If We Do It Right

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As we enter into the next revolutionary age, the age of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s no surprise fear often guides the mainstream narrative. Fear of massive job loss and millions unemployed as AI and robots are implemented on a global scale. But as the CEO of Mondo, a niche tech and digital marketing staffing agency, I envision this future as one of major job creation and opportunity. This future, however, is only possible if we work together to guide AI and robotics innovation responsibly throughout all industries.

Take A Note From History

To see proof of why AI won’t take all our jobs, you only need to look at history. Predictions of doomsdays for the workforce are common during ages of innovation, like the Industrial Revolution. Although these predictions are common, they’re also unsubstantiated. Whenever there is a major advancement in how we work, there is a fear that all the jobs will go away. While there is always an impact, the tail-end of the Industrial Revolution, for example, led to the assembly line; the workforce remains stable throughout these changes because new jobs are created as a result.

Automation is a perfect example of recent tech innovation that led to more jobs, rather than fewer. I find this to be especially true in the digital marketing space as companies began (and continue) to hire technology-specific experts to help them best utilize the automation tools they’ve integrated. The digital marketing roles they are hiring for, the roles my company recruits for, were nonexistent a few years ago and are thus a direct result of the innovation of automation for business purposes.

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