Artificial Intelligence And Robotics Will Lead To More Jobs, If We Do It Right

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The key to prepping the current workforce for this is AI augmentation, arguably the greatest AI benefit and job creator. AI augmentation is the combination of human and AI, where the two work together to supplement each other and make up for what the other lacks. As populations are getting older, the total number of people working has gone down, which means the key to continued economic success is boosting productivity through AI augmentation.

We need to look at AI as an opportunity to find ways to do our jobs more efficiently and effectively, without replacing the human component. Instead, AI can free the individual up to focus on tasks they do better than an AI system.

The only potential job disruption on a major scale resulting from AI will be a lack of qualified talent skilled in collaborating with AI components, tools or systems due to a lack of training and adequate educational opportunities available now. To prevent the doomsday AI fears keeping us all up at night, we need to start investing in and providing opportunities to our current employees now so they can begin developing the AI-driven skills we’ll rely on later.

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