Artificial Intelligence is the branch of Computer Science that deals with the automation of intelligent behavior

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To know what is coming, then, to be the area of Artificial Intelligence (I.A.), it is necessary to reflect on the concept of intelligence. In fact, there are many definitions and numerous philosophical discussions about what this concept is. However, some skills that necessarily involve intelligence can be cited: Ability of reasoning / deduction / inference; Learning ability; Ability of perception, Ability to evolve and adapt.

Multidisciplinary science that seeks to develop and apply computational techniques that simulate human behavior in specific activities. Computational Intelligence involves ideas, points of view, concepts and techniques from several areas, among which we can mention: Philosophy; Mathematics; Economy; Neuroscience; Psychology; Computer Science and Linguistics.

Artificial Intelligence restricts itself to the symbolic processing of knowledge, creating programs that make computers look intelligent. The solutions of the problems are heuristics and satisfactory answers are accepted. The IA is composed of techniques for solving problems, especially the so-called expert systems, which are computer programs designed to solve problems in specialized fields of human knowledge. They use AI techniques, knowledge bases and inferential reasoning.

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