The 20 Best Graduate Programs in Computer Science—And How to Apply to Them

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14. University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Do you download music? Well, thanks to University of Michigan (UM) alumnus Tony Fadell and his creation of the iPod, music lovers have access to hundreds of thousands of songs and albums anywhere, anytime.

Tony Fadell, former Senior Vice President of Apple’s IPod’s division, is just one of many distinguished alumni from the University of Michigan’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program (EECS).

The Master’s in Computer Science program includes core courses and specific topics of study and research such as robotics, computer vision, programming languages, and coding theory.

The doctoral program includes advanced courses in areas such as computer theory, architecture, and interactive systems, as well as a research dissertation.

15. Purdue University

The film Gravity not only won several Oscars, but it also has something in common with Purdue University’s Computer Science Department alumnus, Dr. Kevin Grazier.

Grazier was the science adviser during the movie’s filming, as well as on several other science TV series and shows. His contributions extend to NASA—he was science planning engineer for 15 years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he wrote award-winning mission planning and analysis software.

Graduate students can reach for the stars through obtaining their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from this world-renowned university. The graduate program prepares students for research and teaching and offers research projects in areas such as data mining, computational biology, software engineering, and distributed systems, to name a few.

The online Master’s in Computer Science program allows for both on-campus and distance learning. The Ph.D. program encompasses breadth requirements, oral and written exams, and a thesis.

16. Columbia University

With Alumni such as Saul Amarel, pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, and Stephen G. Perlman, OnLive founder and developer of Mova Contour motion capture technologies, it’s no wonder graduate students look to Columbia University’s Department of Computer Science for educational and research excellence.

The department falls under the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and offers both master’s and doctoral degrees.

The Master’s of Science program includes core courses and a thesis, as well as specialty track areas such as natural language processing, software systems, and computer security, to name a few.

The Ph.D. program includes directed, advanced research with faculty like Dana Pe’er and her breakthrough cancer research using computational biology.

The doctoral requirements also include community service, breadth and depth requirements with exam or coursework, teaching, and a dissertation.

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