The 20 Best Graduate Programs in Computer Science—And How to Apply to Them

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17. University of Washington

The University of Washington’s (UW) Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Department offers several programs to graduate students, as well as multidisciplinary students, covering computer science fundamentals, research, and innovation.

University of Washington’s CSE program offers a Professional Master’s Program (PMP) and a regular Master’s Program, as well as a Ph.D. degree program. The PMP program is designed for fully employed professionals who plan on continuing working while attaining skills to move them into higher-level positions and projects of greater depth. The program offers educational courses in areas such as Human Computer Interaction, Applied Algorithms, and Parallel Computation, and allows for both on-campus and distance learning.

The regular Master’s program offers coursework similar to that of the PMP program, as well as a capstone project and thesis component.

The Ph.D. program offers a strong computer science research program, as well as multidisciplinary projects in fields such as Computer Graphics, Vision, Animation, and Game Science. For example, Prof. Zoran Popovic,in collaboration with UW biochemist David Baker, created an online multi-player visual game called Foldit that eventually led to the discovery of the structure of an AIDS-related protein that baffled scientists for over a decade.

The Doctorate in Computer Science program encompasses breadth requirements, seminars, research, and a dissertation.

18. Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

Georgia Tech’s School of Computer Science has resources like faculty member Tom Conte and his groundbreaking research in computer architecture and compiler code generation, which allow graduate students to work alongside some of the biggest pioneers in computer science today.

Graduate students also follow in the footsteps of alumni such as Krishna Barhat, Google research scientist and creator of Google News, and Jim Allchin, former high-level executive with Microsoft.

The School of Computer Science offers both Master’s and Ph.D. programs and provides an online M.S. degree program in Information Security.

The Master’s program offers degrees in bioengineering, computer science, and information security. The school provides doctoral programs in algorithms and optimization, bioengineering, bioinformatics, and computer science,

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