The 20 Best Graduate Programs in Computer Science—And How to Apply to Them

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6. Cornell University

The cartoon series “The Jetsons” gave Americans a glimpse into the world of household robots. Today, students can learn alongside Cornell faculty such as Ashutosh Saxena, who conducts research in robot learning. His work, which has been featured in BBC World News, highlights breakthrough research in robotics manipulation and how personal robots can truly be useful in common household and office spaces.

The Cornell Department of Computer Science Master’s of Science and Ph.D. programs offer courses and research topics in areas such as database systems, security, graphics, robotics, and computer architecture, to name a few.

The M.S. program includes core courses and thesis research requirements. The CS Ph.D. program includes different field and graduate school requirements including teaching, breadth requirement, research projects, completing residencies, and taking exams.

7. University of Southern California

Did you ever see the movies Avatar or Spider-Man 2? Paul Debevec, a research associate professor in the Computer Science department of the University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering, received a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award for the design and engineering used in both films.

Did you ever have a computer virus? Thanks to USC alumnus Fred Cohen, inventor of computer virus defense techniques, viruses can be contained and eliminated.

The USC Department of Computer Science has 40 research faculty members contributing to the fields of computing both nationally and internationally since 1968.

Both Master’s of Science and Ph.D. students work in interdisciplinary research projects, including DNA computing, neuroscience, Internet technologies, software architectures, and computer graphics. Research and specialized areas include games design, artificial intelligence, computer networks, intelligent robotics, and software engineering, just to name a few.

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