The best mountain biking trails around North Lake Tahoe

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Snowy trails are receding while rocky trails are reappearing. That’s right, these warmer, longer days means that Lake Tahoe mountain biking season is just around the corner. And while most people may associate Lake Tahoe for its skiing in winter or waters sport during summer, the area is home to world-class mountain biking. As such, I’m coming to you today with a few of the best mountain biking trails around Lake Tahoe.

Flume Trail

Honestly, it’s impossible to discuss Lake Tahoe mountain biking trails without talking about the Flume Trail near Incline Village. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful mountain biking trail in all of America. But it’s not for the uninitiated. As Flume Trail Bikesshares, “It’s a moderately difficult 1-way, 14-mile ride at 7,000 to 8,000 feet in elevation, and more than 1,000 feet of climbing.” But the Lake Tahoe views!

I recommend making a day of it by starting your day at Tunnel Creek Cafe for breakfast, where you can also then rent a bike and catch the shuttle to Spooner Lake State Park. You’ll then ride the 14-mile trail back to the bike shop and cafe, where you can end the day with a beer.

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