The 10 Best Trails for a Winter Park Mountain Biking Adventure

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When warmer weather rolls around, the trails near Winter Park are a prime spot for some of the nation’s best mountain biking, both for cross-country and downhill bikers alike. While you’re waiting for the snow to melt, check out our list of the 10 best Winter Park Mountain Biking trails!

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Top Winter Park Mountain Biking Trails for Your Adventure


Twisting and turning through 8.7 miles of trails, Idlewild is a great combination of challenge and distance, without being overwhelming in either category. Expect to climb over 1,400 feet while tackling this cross country ride!


A singletrack downhill biking trail that runs for 3.3 miles, Rainmaker wears its Black Diamond rating with pride. The technical-minded rider will enjoy taking on the mixture of jumps, wooden obstacles (including the arched Rainbow feature), tabletops and more.

Fraser River Trail

If you’re new to mountain biking, or would rather prefer a cruise to a crucible, then the Fraser River Trail is the path for you. A respectable five and a half miles gives you a tour of the natural beauty that inhabits the Winter Park area.

Jones Pass to Herman’s Gulch

This trail, while home to unparalleled views, is rated “Extremely Difficult” by bikers. With that in mind, Jones Pass to Herman’s Gulch is a 10-mile singletrack, perfect for experienced cross country riders.

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