The 10 Best Trails for a Winter Park Mountain Biking Adventure

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Banana Peel

Despite the goofy name, the Trestle Bike Park’s Banana Peel Pro Line Trail is a trail worthy of any adrenaline addicted downhill biker. The extreme obstacles that highlight this course require riders to pass extra safety requirements before riding.

South Fork Loop

A great choice for inexperienced cross country riders, South Fork Loop gives its wheeled patrons a taste of single track riding, without the intensity of a black diamond-rated trail. The loop is 2.8 miles long.

Grand Granby Ranch Loop

Measuring just over 10.8 miles, the Grand Granby Ranch Loop is one of the area’s more challenging cross country outings, reaching an elevation of over 9,200 feet at its highest point. 1,620 feet of elevation change and many turns make this one of the area’s more popular rides.

Winter Park Northwest Loop

Spanning 10.2 miles and topping out at an elevation of just over 9,500 feet, cross country riders ready to move past easier trails will welcome the challenge that the Winter Park Northwest Looppresents. Its course crosses paths with many other trails along the way.

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