Top 10 Ski Resort Bike Parks in North America

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8. Canyons, UT

It’s no secret that Park City, UT is home to some of the best cross-country single track in the country. However, the Canyons Resort offers up Utah’s best lift-accessed, downhill track for full-face mask wearing riders as well. Overall, the Canyons offer 1,200 vertical descents as well as 20 miles worth of trails.

7. Grand Targhee, WY

Grand Targhee is the crown jewel of bike parks in the Northwest. Offering up over 2,200 vertical feet of lift accessed riding on more than 42 miles of multi-use trails, Grand Targhee’s bike park dwarfs that of Jackson Hole. With views of the western slope of the Grand Teton, the Ghee is as good as it gets in WYO.

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