Top 10 Ski Resort Bike Parks in North America

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4. Mammoth Mountain, CA

80 miles and 2,800 vertical foot descents. Enough said. Mammoth is the downhill capital of California and its trails are insane with monster berms, hips, and wood built features. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Mammoth hosts more mountain biking comps than any other resort in the United States. When you see how big the park is, it all makes sense.

3. Silver Star, B.C.

B.C is home to arguably the best mountain biking in the world and Silver Star falls right in line with that reputation. Tacky, fast, and evergreen, the B.C. mountain resort offers a variety of trails that range from flowy downhill to techy tabletops and narrow wooden features. The park’s features are out of this world with over 300 jump features over the 30 miles of trail.

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