Top 10 Ski Resort Bike Parks in North America

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2. Winter Park, CO

Sitting pretty in the winner’s circle for the U.S, the Trestle Bike Park at Winter Park Resort is a mainstay within the downhill community. Since the early 90’s Winter Park has been the epicenter of downhill mountain biking progression in Colorado and the resort continues to improve its 58 trails that sprawl across the front range resort.

1. Whistler, B.C.

Whistler is the obvious #1 with more visitors than any other bike park in the world. The “Top Of The World” trail is the visually stunning centerpiece of the resort’s biking opportunities as it drops riders from Whistler Mountain’s peak for a 5,000 vertical foot descent to the valley below. Bottom line, it doesn’t get any better than that for a downhiller but add in its lower elevation trails and it’s a no brainer. Whistler is the best bike park in North America and the world.

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