10 Reasons Why You Should Give Downhill Mountain Biking A Try

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3. The scenery and views are out of this world.

This one almost goes without saying. Ski resorts are found in some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. While these mountains are gorgeous in winter when covered in snow, summer is even more special, with verdant forests of pine and aspen, alternating with green meadows lush with wildflowers.

Of course, if you’re going fast, you may not see very much of the landscape. But you can take it all in from the chairlift on your next lap. Or pull off the trail to catch your breath and soak in the scenery.

Make sure to bring a camera to take action photos of your friends.

4. The machine-built trails are professionally designed and constructed.

Downhill trails are often, wider, smoother and, to my mind, less intimidating than many cross-country trails which can be eroded with lots of roots and rocks sticking up or are adjacent to areas of extreme exposure.

At many parks, the downhill trails are machine-graded with banked turns for optimal speed. In between features, they are butter smooth and forgiving.

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