10 Reasons Why You Should Give Downhill Mountain Biking A Try

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7. Most bike parks offer package deals with lessons for beginners.

Because downhill technique is different from any other biking technique, take a lesson your first time out. Most bike parks are set up with package deals for beginners. While the offerings vary from resort-to-resort, these often include bike rental, protective gear, a lift ticket and a group lesson.

Expect to learn how to stand on the bike, how to steer and shift it with your weight and how to coast and brake. Often the first lesson will take place at the base of the resort or in a special beginner area where you can practice rolling over berms, bridges and other barriers.

When you’re ready, your instructor will take you up the lift. Ask a lifty for help if you don’t quite understand how to load your bike. And then relax. At many parks, bikes go up on the chair in front of riders and will be waiting for you at the top.

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