5 of the Best Wild Mountain Bike Rides in Scotland

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Tour De Ben Nevis

After a big day out? This ride will test your endurance skills whilst soaking up some of the nicest cycling Lochaber has to offer.

At just under 45 miles and about 1500 metres of ascent you will be lucky to get any change from 7 hours riding and by the end you will be happy to get off your bike! It does not have hugely technical descents but the downhill to Loch Leven is fun until you realise you have to climb up the other side of the valley, but what you miss it technical riding you gain in scenery, endurance and the feeling of adventure.

Throw in a couple of river crossings (think twice about this route if it has been raining lots) and you have another great Scottish day out! Afterwards the Achintee bar at the foot of Ben Nevis is worth the extra ride!

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