5 of the Best Wild Mountain Bike Rides in Scotland

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Glen Sligachan

All those who have seen Danny MacKaskill ride over the Cuillin Ridge will probably realise that it is not for them… however the Glen Sligachan ride will put you in the midst of the scenery and offer great wilderness mountain biking without risking a thousand meter fall.

It starts and finishes at the Sligachan Hotel (which is handy) unless you box clever and run a car shuttle to miss out the last bit of road. Don’t let the relatively modest 29 miles fool you, there is a 100 metres of climbing to be done and some rough terrain to navigate before you get to enjoy the Hotel!

The scenery can rival any in the world, the Cuillin Ridge, Loch Scavaig and a plethora of wildlife will keep you entertained for the 6 hours you will be out and about. As with all these rides don’t feel like you have to race round the route, the beautiful thing about adventuring into the backcountry on a bike is that you can always afford to stop, take a minute and enjoy the place that your bike has carried you to.

Guided Mountain Biking Tours in Scotland

If you’re keen to hit up some of the cracking mountain biking trails in Scotland but not sure but not sure how to sniff out the best of them, then consider a guided group mountain biking tour from Wilderness Scotland. Our tours have been created with years and years and layers and layers of knowledge and expertise to craft a truly mind-blowing experience that’ll inspire you to ride your bike a lot more.

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